Graphic Design

The TigerBlue staff is incredibly knowledgeable in the screen printing process, with the creative ability to make awesome shirt designs and apparel graphics. We have exceptional equipment capabilities, our custom printing techniques are tops in the industry! Good design can be simple or complex, depending on the details associated with your print project. Check out our Design Gallery for samples of our work. You can also Contact us to discuss your project, to get more information about apparel graphic design or learn about our creative process.

Working with Customer Artwork

We love it when our customers have professionally-designed, quality vector artwork! Because our print quality and capabilities are superior, professional designers love working with us. We work with freelance designers, small design firms, advertising agencies, and large marketing departments because our creative customers know we take the time to understand their projects and we care about the details. If you are in the beginning stages of creating your t-shirt design and you have some creative skills, good ideas, and access to a professional graphic design program, it can be helpful to contact us early so we can help you optimize your design ideas specific to our screen printing capabilities. When we work together throughout the entire process, we both benefit.

Many times our customers come to us with less than ideal artwork. While we can print from low-quality images taken from your website, it's important to understand that anything designed for a website is far from print quality. If you want your logo to go from a web graphic to a full-front t-shirt print, you do not want to use a web graphic. Your printed garments can only be as good as your original artwork. If you provide us with poor artwork some adjustments will be necessary to make it print ready, and sometimes this means re-drawing your artwork using a professional design program.

Customer Artwork

Hiring TigerBlue to create your Designs

Rather than hiring our designers to polish poor artwork that isn’t designed for screen printing, why not take advantage of our creative office to create fresh t-shirt designs specific to your project? Our design and illustration skills go unmatched in our industry.

We have created unique apparel designs for hundreds of businesses, non-profits, retail stores and companies. We can work with your ideas and garment preferences, while still respecting your budget, using superior design and print capabilities to create a design that is perfect for you. Contact us with information about your design needs and let’s get started on bringing your ideas to life.

Stretch Heat Transfer Vinyl

Apparel Graphic Design Styles

There are infinite apparel design styles and infinite possible graphic solutions. While we have specific graphic design styles that we prefer as individuals, we understand that our customers are unique and our favorite styles don’t make sense for everybody. For that reason, we prefer to work closely with our customer’s marketing staff to understand your specific needs and determine which design styles and creative techniques work best for you and your budget.

Textured Embroidery

Creating Your Shirt Design

We work directly with our customers to help develop their ideas into unique apparel designs. We can even take your hand drawn sketch and turn it into a professional, print ready design. If you have a drawing that you want to use we can scan it, clean it, revise it, and use it by itself or with other artwork, text or design elements.

Whether you have a very specific idea in mind or a vague theme, we can work with your ideas to create designs that meet the needs of your project. You apparel design needs are unique to you and we need to fully understand your project so we can create t-shirt designs that reflect your style, your business, your brand, or whatever your needs are. Design is communication, if you can clearly communicate your ideas with us, we’ll be more likely to create the visual communication you’re looking for, saving our time, your money and promoting happiness in the process!

If you don’t have a specific idea for your apparel graphic design, that’s not a problem! We have many customers who give us a subject, a quote, a concept, a goal, or a style AND a budget and know that we have the creative skills to create designs that will work for their budget and their creative needs. Shoot us an Email and lets talk about what makes sense for your design project.


Creative Illustration

Sometimes customer artwork needs more attention than the confines of creative design programs. We love to push the limits and put some ink on paper with custom illustrations, original graphics and even logo designs. While there are many styles and techniques for creating custom illustrations, we start by getting a clear idea of your individual design needs. Once we have this we can get started on putting together some sketches for your approval. As soon as we have your approval on the sketches we can bust out the illustration pens and throw down some ink and put some magic in your design.

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