How to design a t-shirt

What’s more comfortable than a t-shirt? Tees are like pajamas, only we’re not embarrassed to be seen wearing them in public. To the contrary, we wear them because we want to be NOTICED, because we want to be recognized immediately for who we are, and what we are: a Fireman, a Football Player, a Heavy Metal Fan or a Participant in a Peace Walk, t-shirts are printed to make statements like these, and many more.

While many t-shirt promotions involve serious issues, designers recognize that lightness is the most effective way of getting a message across, and the casual nature of the t-shirt medium lends itself to humorous treatment. When asked about the main problem in creating t-shirts of all sorts, designer after designer will tell you, “Creating something fun, something that people will wear.” A tee that never gets taken out of a drawer is a waste of cotton. A tee that’s well-loved still gets worn, even after holes begin to appear.

It only takes is a little bit of creativity and a good idea to design a t-shirt logo:

1.- Choose your colors. Keep in mind that the busier the color pattern the more difficult it is to read the logo. Therefore, if you're going to design a logo that you want people to read, choose no more than two or maybe three colors.

2.- Select a readable font. While fancy fonts look pretty up close, they are difficult to read from afar. Reading a t-shirt often occurs in passing. Whether you’re walking into or out of a store or walking down the street, your font has to be large, clear and easily readable by anyone passing by.

3.- Pick a graphic. Similar to choosing fonts, graphics have to be clear, large, and viewable. Fine details on a logo can get lost on a small logo image. It might be necessary to forgo fine details in favor of large viewable and less detailed graphics.

4.- Digitize the logo. Once you've designed the logo for your t-shirt, digitize it. That means if the image was hand drawn, scan it so that it is computer readable.

5.- Check the logo dimensions. Use care not to design a wonderful looking logo only to find that it distorts when resized to fit on the t-shirt. Keep track of the logo’s dimensions to ensure it renders properly on the t-shirt.

6.- Before submitting your file, review our file prep guidelines.

7.- Send your design to

Remember our full service art department supplies the latest in computer graphics software. We can create unique custom images or reproduce your existing ones perfectly! TigerBlue Apparel offers a variety of solutions for screen printing, promotional products, graphic art services, design, layout, and art recreation.

Developing Your Design

Turning your ideas into life! We create custom logos & designs tailored specifically to your organization, services & goals.

The process of developing designs starts with your ideas and goals, added to our suggestions. We will work together to create artwork that we are all proud of. After the ideas have been put together, the project steps begin:

Proofing: A three part process

• 1st draft - A series of elements to establish direction.
• 2nd draft - Likes and dislikes, molding the final design.
• Final draft - The final product to be approve.

Note: web transfer is not an exact process and some colors & details will not be completely accurate.

Trust your Instincts!